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Look at our future president Barack O’Balla making it rain on them hoes! Did you see him steal the ball 0:16? Yea he a balla, watch he gonna be havin 3 on 3 tournaments at the White House on the regular just watch.


Dope! New Music Videos: Lloyd Ft. Ludacris ‘How We Do (Around My Way) || Busta Rhymes ‘Don’t Touch Me (Throw Water On Em’) || Busta Rhymes Ft Linkin Park ‘We Made It’

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I like this song, but i wonder why they changed it to “around my way” from “in the A”. I like the latter better. I guess they were tryna make it relate able to wherever you are…Wateva. Ludacris‘s verse basically makes the song.The video looks a lil low budget too but then again it is just Lloyd.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s a double Busta Rhymes premiere! First we have ‘Don’t touch me (throw the water on em’)’. This isn’t one of my favorite songs and the video is a little all-over-the-place. But it’s funny though, and you know Busta’s BFF Spliff Star had to make his standard appearance. I am quite convinced that this dude is just on the payroll to follow Busta around.

Lastly here is Busta Bust with Linkin Park for ‘We Made It’ which surprisingly is a decent song. The vocals by Linkin Park flow right on this record and the rock/hip hop beat isn’t to overbearing like let’s say ummmm…..Party Like A Rockstar [lol memories].

Dope! New Music: T.I. ‘No Matter What’ || Busta Rhymes Ft Linkin Park ‘We Made It’

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YES! This is what the rap game has been missing. T.I.‘s flow is ridiculous and now that he’s started writing—- it’s ovea for the wack @ss rappers. The first track, ‘No Matter What’ from the most anticipated album of 2008 Paper Trail.


Busta Rhymes and Linkin Park collaborated on a track called ‘We Made It’. I didn’t know how I was gonna feel about these two together, but the music that they are making is pretty decent.


So This Ish Is Really True?

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You gotta be kidding me! Who in the world saw this coming! Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey!? Really??? Straight out of left field with that one folks! MTV sat down with Nick and asked him what he thought about Mariah Carey:

[Click the picture to see the video]

Dude is mad squirmish! Calm down Nick damn. Reports say that Nick gave her the ring and she still hasn’t replied with an answer, so that could be why he is so hesitant to say anything. And if you haven;t seen the ring check it below:

She was spotted wearing this at the Tribeca Film Festival for the premire of her ne movie ‘Tennessee’ The ring is supposedly 10 carats.

If that’s not enough Nick Cannon will be staring in Mariah’s next video for ‘Bye Bye’ as….you guessed it her love intrest. Check a preview of the video below:

Yea thats Mariah sittin on Nick’s lap on the airplane, I know, I know I was shocked too.

Booty Booty Booty Booty Rockin’ Everywhere!

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Check Out Pics of Deelishis, Angel Lola Luv and Buckey from Flavor of Love

Ain’t nobody gonna forget about D and dat ass. Her 15 minutes been ran up but that ass aint.

Damn. This chick is bad as hell. Too bad her ass and breast are fake Eff it The doctors did a good job with this one.

Buckey ain’t been left out the loop, check her on the cover of J’Adore with her government on display.

Images via ICEDOTCOM

Dope! New Music Videos: The Dream Ft Young Jeezy ‘I Luv Your Girl’ || Plies Ft Ne-Yo ‘Bust It Baby (Part 2)’

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

One of my favorite songs from The-Dream‘s Love Hate album, here is the video for ‘I Luv Your Girl’ featuring Young Jeezy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Plies and Ne-Yo team up to bring you ‘Bust It Baby (Part 2)’. This song has grown on me a lil bit maybe because I hear it everywhere.

Dope! Sneakers: Nike Air Force 1 Supreme: Yi Jianlin Editions || Daisuke Matsuzaka Editions

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These are fresh. Exclusively made for Yi Jianlian of the Milwaukee Bucks, these shoes are made with the most premium quality. These shoes are unavailable in the United States but you can purchase them on LTD Online HERE. Before you click though be warned that the price tag is a steep $603.00. But they are sure to be a collectors item. Only sizes 10 and 8 remain, so hurry up!

Damn Japan really gets the Dopest shoes! These are made for Daisuke Matsuzaka, starting pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. The detail on these is crazy. If you look closely you can see that the body of the shoe is made of Pony Hair and the orange scales are meant to resemble that of a dragon. Fresh indeed, Unfortunately these are SOLD OUT on LTD Online, so unless you know somebody in Japan, you might not be gettin’ them.