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Really? 20 Different Artist Version’s Of ‘A Millie’…

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Ponder on that for a minute…..20 different artist covering A Millie. When is the last time 20 different artist covered the same beat? This A Miilie stuff is like a disease in the rap community. It seems like every rapper is addicted to the beat and feel the must hop on it and ‘spit they game talk they ish’. This is every rapper known to man [so far] who has hopped on the A Miilie beat and it’s a whopping 20. Yea thats right 20 people and you’ll be shocked at a couple of em. Now dont think I could rate them or anything like that it’s only so many times that somebody can listen to A Millie and not go crazy. But you be the judge choose the ones your interested in because I can guarantee you can’t listen to all of them…




















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Dope! New Magazine Covers: Serena Williams || Common || Missy Elliot

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Serena Williams covers the new issue of Ebony magazine. I’m telling ya’ll this chick is bangin’ she might just wanna start on her modeling career ’cause I can see her going places….more images from the shot below:

Serena’s rumored boo, Common is featured on the June/July issue of Complex. This dude is staring in more movies than a little bit. Smokin’ Aces was my favorite…

And look who is back on the scene…Missy Elliot ya’ll. She is on the new cover of Billboard magazine. Missy’s material always gets people hyped…

Hip-Hop Beefs (Part 4 of 4): DJ Greg Street Vs. Jermaine Dupri

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What in the world is happening between DJ’s and rap artist? I could have talked about Lil Wayne and how his comments lead to the leak of his album the Carter III but this one was more amusing. The beef between DJ Greg Street and Jermaine Dupri started because of some comments that JD made about the “death of the DJ”. Basically saying that the DJ was dead and was no longer needed:

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Now it didn’t take nothing but a day for DJ Greg Street to respond to the video and it was PURE HILARITY!:

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Here go some quotes that just had me DYING!:

  • “Change your name to JerLame Dupri”
  • “You are internationally known but not locally respected”
  • “I mean Janet Jackson, she said Virgin messed her album up, now ya’ll saying that Def Jam messed her album up. It’s time to look at the man in the mirror”
  • “You got to stop faking and acting like you doing this and you doing that. Jay-Z gets a club, you get a club. Jay-Z get a superstar girl, you get a superstar girl. Puffy opens up a restaurant, you open up a restaurant. It’s Ludacris …yea you could have signed him too!!”


“Janet on the bust it baby remix? You turned an icon into a bust it baby?”


Jermaine hasn’t responded yet but I am sure he will soon via his YouTube channel. I can’t wait to see what he has to say about this mess…

Hip-Hop Beefs (Part 3 of 4): Trick Daddy Vs. Plies

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The beef between Plies and Trick Daddy dates all the way back to November 2007. Back then rumors of Plies beating Trick Daddy’s ass in a night club began to surface:

Plies stomped Trick Daddy out at the Roxy Club in Orlando the other night. They say Trick showed up unannounced and got the DJ to stop the music in the middle of Plies’ show, tryin’ to make Plies do “I’m So Hood” so Trick could rap with him. Folks in the house say Plies jumped off the stage, beat Trick ass and got back on stage and finished his set.

The rumors where never verified but fast forward to DJ Khaled’s new single “Out Here Grindin” and Plies didn’t show up to video shoot and Trick Daddy lashed out:

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Callin’ out Plies by sayin: “Shouts Out To F*cker Ass, Fake Ass Plies”. Why would Trick Daddy be so mad that Plies didn’t show? Plies was replaced by Young Jeezy, but the way Trick Daddy got so upset makes me wonder about those rumors and got me thinking maybe they are true….

Hip-Hop Beefs (Part 2 of 4): Peedi Crack Vs. Jay-Z

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The beef between Jay-Z and Peedi Crack isn’t really a beef but more like Peedi Crack lashing out a Jay-Z because of him being dropped fro Roc-A-Fella Records. If you can remember back in January when Peedi was released from his contract he said back then: “I’m not mad at Jay, I don’t care about Jay. Jay doesn’t exist to me.” Well fast forward three months later and this is released:

Thats right Peedi was signed to Amalgam Digital and has plans on releasing his album “Camel Face Huntin’ Season” September 2008. The above image is the supposed album cover which shows Peedi’s former boss Jay-Z looking like a camel. Here’s what Peedi had to say about his new label:

“Yup. I’m back! And I feel unstoppable. My flow is advanced and as an artist, I’m getting better, especially without the claws of Roc-A-Fella digging at my back. I’ve been a free agent for the past 3 months and now signing with the Amalgam Digital label for my first project I feel even more unstoppable. They are providing exactly what Peedi always needed…proper promotion and distribution. BANG! It’s Camel Face Hunting Season”

This video was also released which shows Peedi officially announcing “Camel Face Huntin’ Season”:

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Wonder how Jay-Z feels about all this? Well he hasn’t released any type of statement yet so maybe after this album comes out he’ll start talkin….

Hip-Hop Beefs (Part 1 of 4): Yung Berg Vs. Brisco

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Its been a minute since I posted but I decided to give ya’ll a four part series with some of the most recent beefs in the Hip-Hop game.

First up is Yung Berg and Brisco. The beef between the two rappers started when Yung Berg made some comments about his album being pushed back. He said “My album was supposed to be released July 1st, but it has been pushed back further than Flo-Rida’s hairline”. Meaning to be a joke on Yung Berg’s part, but Brisco, who is a label mate of Flo-Rida (both signed to Poe Boy Entertainment) took offense to the comments and released this video:

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Basically Brisco says that Yung Berg is young and shouldn’t have made comments about Flo-Rida because he’s older and veteran and warns Yung Berg that “You Talkin Too Much, I’m a Beat Yo Lil Red Ass!”. Yung berg then releases a video saying that he was just playing and he wasn’t trying to diss Flo-Rida:

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Yung Berg also says that he was shocked Brisco would even say anything like that and that if he wanted to reach him he could have asked Lil Wayne for his number. Brisco must have not accepted apology because he recently was being interviewed about his upcoming projects and he still went at Yung Berg:

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Brisco says: “F*ck Yung Berg, “When I Catch Em, Ima Knock His Lil P*ssy Ass Out”. Yung berg hasn’t responded yet but I dont think he will have much more to say now….

Dope! New Videos: Solange ‘I Decided’ || Lloyd Ft Lil Wayne ‘Girls Around The World’

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LOL I’m so mad the World Star Hip Hop had to put in parentheses (Beyonce Knowles Sister) for Solange‘s video. It seems like she will never be able to escape that. Anyways the video is different and the song is just okay.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I DO NOT LIKE THIS SONG AT ALL…But I do like the video. I have nothing against Lloyd I just don’t think this song is good enough to be a single. The song is the second collabo between Lloyd and Lil Wayne