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Dope! News: Kirk Franklin At Odds With T-Pain Over ‘Silver & Gold’

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It looks like Kirk Franklin had to sit down and have a talk with T-Pain about his song that leaked on the internet ‘Silver & Gold’. Kirk who originally released the song ‘Silver & Gold’ in 1993 on the album Kirk Franklin and the Family, had lyrics that spoke about God:

Silver and gold/ Silver and gold/ I’d rather have Jesus than silver and gold/ No fame or fortune/ Nor riches untold/ I’d rather have Jesus than silver and gold.

While T-Pain’s version focuses more on alcohol:

“You’ll be hanging, swanging, drinking two types of Patrón,” he sings. “I done mixed up silver and gold/ I done mixed up silver and gold/ I’mma tryin’ to get drunk before this party/ Somebody’s gonna have to carry me home/ I done drank the silver and gold.”

T-Pain’s version doesn’t sample the original Kirk Franklin hit, but the melody is the same which caused people to believe that he was desecrating a gospel song buy talking about alcohol instead. T-Pain talked to MTV News about how the song was just done out of “boredom” and it wasn’t considered to be on the album and how Kirk told him to change the melody:

“It was never supposed to be on my album, the record, it got leaked, then me and Kirk Franklin had to talk. He was doing most of the talking. He was saying it wasn’t no disrespect. He was saying he knows how songs get leaked. He had it happen to him before. He said he wasn’t a saint, and it wasn’t like he never did nothing wrong. It’s not like [Kirk] said I did something wrong. He said if I was gonna go with it, just change the melody. ‘You can still say silver and gold.’ He’s got a lot of people saying stuff to him: ‘How could you let T-Pain destroy a gospel song like that? How could let him talk about alcohol?’ I wasn’t even doing it for a mixtape or nothing. I was literally drinking and made a song. I was bored in the studio. There was nothing else to do. I made it into an alcoholic anthem, which wasn’t good. It spread so fast, everybody thought it was the first single. Somebody was putting it out as ‘the first single off of T-Pain’s new album Pain or Pleasure.‘ Somebody was just making up an album name just so they can put it out. That’s why my album isn’t coming out on [my] birthday no more, because I had to push it back. We had to stop that song.”


Dope New Music: Nelly Ft. Keri Hilson & St. Lunatics ‘Lie’ || Plies ‘Pant’s Hang Low’

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Another track off of Nelly‘s Brass Knuckles has been leaked entitled ‘Lie’. It features Keri Hilson and The St. Lunatics who we ain’t heard from in a minute. I have heard a little bit of Murphy Lee‘s mixtape maybe he getting ready for his second album….we’ll see. I’m surprised this hasn’t been released as a single, it would have been way better than that Wadysnameisndmfdhs….disaster.


Plies is back? Wait did this dude ever leave? I thought that he just put out the single ‘Please Excuse My Hands’ from the Definition Of Real, right?  Well Plies said F@ck waiting til next year to release ANOTHER album, let’s do it now! That’s right  this dude is about to release another album entitled Da Realist [aint that the same ish as Defenition Of Real how many times you gonna try to change up the word ‘REAL’!] and ‘Pant’s Hang Low’ is the official first single. And guess what, the album is due in stores December 16th. I guess keep hittin em’ while your still releveant is the policy over at Slip-N-Slide Records….SMH.


Dope! New Magazine Covers: Sanaa Lathan & Taraji P. Henson || Ne-Yo || Robin Thicke

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Sanaa Lathan and Taraji P. Henson cover the new issue of Jet. The are both starring in the upcoming Tyler Perry movie ‘The Faamily That Preys’ due in theaters September 12th.

Ne-Yo is on the cover of 944 for their special VMA Award issue. Ne-Yo is also expected to perform at the 944 Magazine VMA party on September 3rd. His album The Year Of The Gentleman will be in stores September 16th.

Robin Thicke covers the newest issue of Billboard magazine. His album Something Else is expected to release September 30th and the album cover has just been released as well:

“I Got It You Got It We Got The Magic Girl”….Definitely looking forward to this album.

Dope! Music Videos: Young Jeezy ‘Vacation’ || Common Ft. Pharrell ‘Announcement’

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

The video for Young Jeezy‘s second single ‘Vacation’ from the highly anticipated album The Recession has just been released. I just finished listening to the album and it’s definitely fire, make sure you cop it on September 2nd.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’m telling you special effect videos are becoming more and more frequent in hip-hop videos now. Common is back with his first single ‘Announcement’ from his upcoming album Invincible Summer. Pharrell is featured on the track and The Neptunes produced the beat. Did you see Dr.Dre‘s headphones connected to the iPod in the beginning? Those will set you back $399.95!

Dope! Pics: Angela & Vanessa Simmons || Young Jeezy || Fabolous || Lil’ Kim || Chris Brown & Rihanna

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Here go some Dope! pics of your favorite celebrities…

Angela and Vanessa Simmons were in Las Vegas for the 2008 MAGIC Convention and showed off their highly successful Pastrey line. Paul Wall was also there and Soulja Boy was there supporting his Yums shoe line…

Lil Kim and Fabolous attended Young Jeezy‘s pre-album release party in New York….

And finally Chris Breezy and Rihanna was spotted in LA hitting the streets. Supposedly they are looking for a condo together.

Dope! Sneakers: Nike Air Force 1 Supreme ‘Closing Ceremony’

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Now that the 2008 Beijing Olympics are over Nike is releasing the ‘Closing Ceremony’ Air Force 1‘s to celebrate the success of the event.  The entire upper and inside out mid-sole features in metallic gold and Chinese motif, implying the dream of gold. This special edition comes with a special packaging in a black dust bag and black wooden box which featured “080808″, a memorial moment of Beijing 2008 Olympics. Dope! kicks indeed, yet with a price tag of $888, they are officially out of the budget!

Dope! New Videos: T-Pain Ft. Lil’ Wayne ‘Can’t Believe It’ || Kanye West ‘Good Morning’

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Two Dope! videos today that both are killin’ it with the visual effects…

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T-Pain and Lil Wayne a.k.a. T-Wayne are the perfect collaboration. The two that are on EVERYBODY elses songs finally got one together. The song is okay but I’m liking it more now that I have seen the video.  Very different indeed it seems like Kanye done gave him some inspiration on the set of ‘Good Life’.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Speaking of Kanye here goes the video for ‘Good Morning’ one of my favorite tracks off of Graduation. This video reminds me of myself trying to do good in school make on time for class. Hotness indeed.