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Dope! New Music: Teairra Marí Ft Kanye West ‘Diamonds’ + Kanye’s Louis V Pics

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Damn remember when Teairra Mari was the princess of The ROC? Then Jay saw them album sales, made a switch, and then Rihanna became the new princess.  That didn’t stop Teairra though she’s back after a couple years and a couple of album contracts she might finally be on the right path to success and she’s joining up with her former label mate Kanye West for a ROC reunion! You know you feel them late 90’s and them early ’00’s!


Speaking of Kanye he recently posted some his new Louis Vuitton ads on his blog:

Them black ones is killin me softly! (but whos lookin at the shoes doe). Imma stick to my Air Yeezy’s doe because these 1000 dollar shoes are a little bit out of budget.  As for Amber Rose if you got her flaunt her…that goes to Kanye…lol


Dope! Pics: Chris Brown & Dat Ain’t Rihanna??

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Who is this chick walkin around with Chris Breezy to Tattoo parlors and ish:


Now I ain’t jumpin to conclusions like other websites and claiming that she is Chris’s new girlfriend…..maybe play thang but I’m not saying girlfriend just yet. Who is she you ask? Her name is Natalie Mejia and she is a member of the group Girlicious.  I wonder what RiRi bout to do now… this Natalie chick gonna be at the court hearings!? Let RiRi even see dat chick at court and its on! More pics of Natalie:


So is this an upgrade or a downgrade?

Dope! Pics: Cassie Debuts Her New Hair-Do

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This was hard for me to post but I did it any ways….. Cassie went from this:

To this…..

This right here is Amber Rose syndrome. Cassie not everyone can pull off every look! Damn this just made me so upset I’m loggin off.

Kanye West, Oprah, Mary J. Blige, And Forest Whitaker Speak About Barack Obama’s DNC Convention Speech

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I now see how Barack Obama is taking over the nation. After sitting out in the hot sun at a football stadium at Dublin Coffman High School in Dublin, Ohio waiting to hear Obama speak, I now see why he is going to be the next president, he is truly inspirational. Oprah, Kanye, MJB, and Forest Whitaker were also inspired by Barack Obama:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And who said Oprah didn’t like rappers? Her and Kanye seem pretty close with one another.

Dope! Pics: Angela & Vanessa Simmons || Young Jeezy || Fabolous || Lil’ Kim || Chris Brown & Rihanna

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Here go some Dope! pics of your favorite celebrities…

Angela and Vanessa Simmons were in Las Vegas for the 2008 MAGIC Convention and showed off their highly successful Pastrey line. Paul Wall was also there and Soulja Boy was there supporting his Yums shoe line…

Lil Kim and Fabolous attended Young Jeezy‘s pre-album release party in New York….

And finally Chris Breezy and Rihanna was spotted in LA hitting the streets. Supposedly they are looking for a condo together.

Karma Is A B*tch!: The Yung Berg True Story

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Yung Berg has lost all respect from me due to the comments he made a while back about how he doesn’t date ‘dark butts’ or anyone that is darker than him LISTEN HERE.  How can we be racist within our own race? Ignorant ish indeed. Well after he made those comments he tried to apologize, but it was too late his life was already headed downhill.

About a week later Yung Berg was arrested on drug charges while a friend who was with him was also arrested for gun charges:

Yung Berg, born Christian Ward, was charged with menacing in the 2nd degree and unlawful possession of marijuana, while Whitfield was charged with criminal possession of a weapon in the 2nd degree and two counts of menacing in the 2nd degree, according to Jennifer Kushner, spokeswoman for the District Attorney’s office.

According to reports, two bags of marijuana were recovered from Ward, while a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol, which was loaded with approximately 10 rounds of ammunition, was found on Whitfield’s waistband. Bail and bond was set at $2,000 for Ward and $2,500 for Whitfield.

Days later Yung Berg released his sophomore album Look What You Made Me which debuted on the Billboard 200 at #20 selling 19,150 copies in the first week. A complete commercial flop.

Finally on Friday, Yung Berg flew to Detroit to perform at the Hot 102.7’s annual Summer Jamz concert. He arrived in Detroit late Friday night and instead of going to the hotel he decided to hit up the nightclub, Plan B. The club is partially owned by Detroit rapper Trick Trick. Within minutes of entering the club Yung Berg was attacked and his terminator chain was snatched. He was rushed out the club and back to his hotel. He then got on a plane that night and headed back home. Apparently Yung Berg said some disrespectful things about Detroit rappers, and they don’t play that.

Damn Yung Berg I sorta kinda feel bad for him now…..not! I’m just playing but he really should have checked himself. At least when 50 got his chain snatched he got it back that night…lol.

Glowing In The Dark With Kanye, Lupe and N.E.R.D.

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First I have to give major props to my friend Rob for the two tickets to the Glow In The Dark Tour. I am forever grateful, I know lame right…lol. Ok now let’s get it!

Let’s take a minute and look at the seats, Section 3 Row B Seats 10 and 11. Which basically means 2nd row almost dead center. Crazy right! I ain’t never had such good tickets but I digress…(Thanks again Rob!). Now I am one of the biggest Kanye West fans so my opinion may be biased but I’m still gonna keep it real. First up was Lupe Fiasco. Lupe was the intro so alot of the crowd wasn’t hype yet….except me and my brother (who was my guest).

Now before we talk about the pictures, the security people was mad tight on pictures, and since I am damn near front row they checked me bout 6 times. So I basically was sneaking pics when they wasn’t looking. Anyways Lupe’s set was fiya. I was shocked how many songs of his I knew word-for-word. But he performed the regulars Kick Push, Paris Tokyo, Day Dreaming, Superstar. Lupe really focuses on the crowd and he put on a crazy set it was a great intro to a hot concert. One thing though is at the end of Lupe’s set he said: “You ready for N.E.R.D., Kanye, CRS”. Now as soon as I heard CRS I went crazy cause I’m pretty sure they aint performed live yet and Rihanna wasn’t there so i thought this would be the replacement. BUT NO! Lupe played us lol But I’m good now…

They might be blurry but the next act was N.E.R.D. Man they was so hyped and had so much energy and when they performed Spaz, Lupe came out and started dancing with them it was crazy. I was hoping they would perform the Everybody Nose Remix but the original was still hot. When they performed Lap Dance they had a bunch of girls come on stage which was a nice change in view. But um anyways Pharrell was mad coo after his set was over he came back out shook our hands and said thank you to the crowd.


You don’t understand how excited I was when the lights went black and Kanye was bout to come on. The show was absolutely amazing. To follow the story line Kanye crashed his spaceship on another planet and was trying to go home. The scenery, the background the screens were just completely amazing you REALLY got into the story. The very first song was Through The Wire and me and my brother where vibeing with Kanye!!! You don’t understand it felt like we was rapping with him! he was looking right at us (cause we was jumping in the middle of the crowd) and we was rapping word for word with him! It was crazy. But that wasn’t the craziest part. When Champion came on he came right over to me and brother during the part where he says “Who the kids gonna listen to, I guess me if it isn’t you last week I paid a visit to the institute they got the droput keeping kids in the school” he sat there and rapped all that with us we was doing hand motions (me and my brother) then Kanye start doing em! We was flippin’ out he was 4real vibeing with us probably because WE WAS THE MOST HYPE IN THE FIRST 3 ROWS!!!! You don’t understand we knew EVERY SONG WORD 4 WORD. I was screaming them lyrics and I was so into it. I have always thought that Graduation was a classic but listening to it live is like no other, this really was the best concert I have been to in my life (I’m only 19) but so far I think my life has changed 4ever because of this concert.

Oh and Kanye was killing them with his Air Yeezy’s here goes a close up of the beige/orange one’s that he was wearing at the concert, I just saw it over at NiceKicks: