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This was utterly HILARIOUS to me, I was dead with laughter. Sarah Silverman is the funniest chick out there right now. Peep spots from Jaime Foxx, Halle Berry, Usher, Forest Whitaker, and many other celebrities pleading for you not to vote.

Speaking of voting, Obama is covering the November cover of Vibe, yet he is pleading with Americans to vote:

Barack Obama personally wrote a letter to Vibe urging their readers to register to vote:

“We are at a defining moment in our history. I am running for president to take this country in a new direction. But I can’t do it alone. I need you,” the letter reads. “Whether it’s the first time, or the first time in a long time, I need you to register and vote on November 4.”

The choice is yours, and if you haven’t done so already



Kanye West, Oprah, Mary J. Blige, And Forest Whitaker Speak About Barack Obama’s DNC Convention Speech

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I now see how Barack Obama is taking over the nation. After sitting out in the hot sun at a football stadium at Dublin Coffman High School in Dublin, Ohio waiting to hear Obama speak, I now see why he is going to be the next president, he is truly inspirational. Oprah, Kanye, MJB, and Forest Whitaker were also inspired by Barack Obama:

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And who said Oprah didn’t like rappers? Her and Kanye seem pretty close with one another.

Beyonce Makes An Appearance On ‘The Hearts Of The City’ Tour

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So Mrs. Carter decided to come through and make a quick appearance during Jay-Z‘s set on the ‘Hearts of the City’ stop in NYC:

Look at that again and tell me Beyonce ain’t a diva in the making! Chick came out danced for 2 seconds, threw up the ROC sign, and walked off stage, all in about 15 seconds….and the crowd went crazy!!! She know that’s all it takes cause shes “the hottest chick in the game”. Jay was like ” thats some bullshit right there” because he know his wifey is a diva and just came on stage and out shined him in 15 seconds! …he better get use to it. “When your girl is more famous than you then its…” Jay said it not me.

50 Cent Get His Chain Snatched in Angola Africa

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50 Cent was in Angola Africa performing and it seems that a fan jumped on stage and snatched 50 Cent’s chain right off his neck! Look how 50 jumped in the crowd after the dude without even thinking twice about it!! LOL this ish is way too funny, Im sure dude who stole it think he the man for real!


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Look at our future president Barack O’Balla making it rain on them hoes! Did you see him steal the ball 0:16? Yea he a balla, watch he gonna be havin 3 on 3 tournaments at the White House on the regular just watch.

What Baby?…

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Ya know Halle had a baby 6 weeks ago right? Halle’s body is STILL bangin’ even better than before! That baby done did the body good and got her chest lookin’ very voluptuous:

Damn 40 is the new 20 for real.

You Aiight Jay?

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This is too funny. Not because it got Jay irate, but because the Paparazzi shut the fu*k up! They didn’t say another word after he said “you know better than that” It’s like they did! I was on the floor crying at how Jay talked to the Paparazzi like he was their Father or something [Preparing for Fatherhood maybe?] but what I love more is how nothing else was said to him they obeyed and probably talked alotta ish……AFTER he was gone. I hope this doesn’t mean that Bey and Jay are experiencing any marriage difficulties….