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Dope! Funnies: Beyoncé & Rihanna Do ‘Celebrity Therapy’

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I mite be a little late but I saw this on Bossip the other day and I was dead! The chick who plays  Beyoncé in the clip is not only very talented but is the daughter of Robert Townsend. I know ya rember The Parent Hood! Check Out this clip though I promise you it is too damn funny.


You Thought This Was A Game? A Coincidence? No It’s A TAKEOVER

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Recently Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Kanye (all known by first names) announced their upcoming albums. Beyonce announced that her 3rd solo album will be released on November 17th. Two singles are already ready to impact radio on October 7th. One entitled Single Ladies and the other “If I Were A Boy” which a video is being shot for in New York.  After Beyonce has all her shine next in line is Kanye who will be releasing his album a MONTH later, December 16th to be exact. His 4th solo album will be 808’s and Heartbreak and here is the cover art for the first single:

“Love Lockdown” was premiered at the 2008 VMA’s and should be available on iTunes this week. But wait the trilogy would not be complete without Jay-Z.  Jay is completing a trilogy of his own with his next album The Blueprint 3. Of course the first single was produced by Kanye and “Jockin Jay-Z (Dope Boy Fresh)” was premiered on Kanye’s New York stop of the Glow In The Dark Tour.

The hit single “Swagga Like Us” which features and is produced by Kanye West, will be on both T.I.‘s Paper Trail and Jay’s The Blueprint 3. Sources say that Jay-Z will be releasing his album in December or January right after Kanye’s.




Dope Pics: Mr. & Mrs. Carter || Diddy & Cassie || Rihanna & Chris Brown

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This version of Dope! Pics is the couples edition. Your favorite couples out and about:

First we have our favorite power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce. Hittin’ up the club at the Cannes Festival and partying it up with the likes of Diddy and Cassie…Don’t it look like they doing Young Joc’s dance the Motor bike from It’s Going Down?

Ya know Diddy and Cassie aint official but we all know that his side chick….

Then Diddy invited everybody back to his yacht that he brought to the Cannes Festival….nice

Look who is going to work in the studio….together! It’s up and coming power couple Chris Brown and Rihanna. Supposedly they are working on a track together….I can’t hate though ’cause that Umbrella/Cinderella Remix was pure hotness….

Dope! Pics: Jay-Z & Beyonce || Mary J. Blige || Diddy || Ice Cube

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It’s been a while since we seen some candids of your favorite stars so heres a couple…

Here is Jay-Z and Beyonce touching down at the Cannes Festival. Supposedly they are planning on hosting a celebration party of their recent nuptials….

Mary and her husband Kendu where also spotted looking very upscale at the Cannes festival…

And look at Diddy Shutting. It. Down. at the Cannes Festival….Diddy got star power like that? Damn.

Finally here is Ice Cube and his wifey rocking their Laker gear after the Lakers won Game 1 versus the Spurs (89-85)

Dope! New Music: 3 New Beyonce Tracks

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It’s a triple dose of Beyonce!

[pause for the stans screaming]

Three Beyonce tracks have leaked in the past couple days making people wonder….Is this chick actually bout to make another album even with her two movies in the works, just getting married, and those baby rumors and of course all of those commercials it seems like Bey doesn’t plan on stopping no time soon…but who can hate though? Check the three tracks below:




Jay-Z’s ‘Hearts Of The City’ After Party @ The 40/40 Club

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The Carters was definetley in the building at the 40/40 club, where Jay-Z hosted the ‘Hearts of the City’ after party.

And Mrs.Carter made a grand appearance looking fresh as hell and representing her husband with her ROC chain on….this girl is bad as hell and clearly put pregnancy rumors to rest…

Jay-Z was looking very dapper indeed, and smiling ear to ear, probably because the $150 million ROC Nation deal just was finalized last week….

Joy Bryant was there….

Fabolous came through…..

Pepa of Salt N’ Pepa was there…

Irv Gotti was really feelin it…

Fonzworth Bentley kicked it…..

Jay chilled with his friends A-Rod and Tom Brady

No Mary but her husband Kendu was there…

Errybody got a drink in their hands…looks like everybody had fun.

Beyonce Makes An Appearance On ‘The Hearts Of The City’ Tour

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So Mrs. Carter decided to come through and make a quick appearance during Jay-Z‘s set on the ‘Hearts of the City’ stop in NYC:

Look at that again and tell me Beyonce ain’t a diva in the making! Chick came out danced for 2 seconds, threw up the ROC sign, and walked off stage, all in about 15 seconds….and the crowd went crazy!!! She know that’s all it takes cause shes “the hottest chick in the game”. Jay was like ” thats some bullshit right there” because he know his wifey is a diva and just came on stage and out shined him in 15 seconds! …he better get use to it. “When your girl is more famous than you then its…” Jay said it not me.