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Dope! Pics: Cassie Debuts Her New Hair-Do

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This was hard for me to post but I did it any ways….. Cassie went from this:

To this…..

This right here is Amber Rose syndrome. Cassie not everyone can pull off every look! Damn this just made me so upset I’m loggin off.


Dope Pics: Mr. & Mrs. Carter || Diddy & Cassie || Rihanna & Chris Brown

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This version of Dope! Pics is the couples edition. Your favorite couples out and about:

First we have our favorite power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce. Hittin’ up the club at the Cannes Festival and partying it up with the likes of Diddy and Cassie…Don’t it look like they doing Young Joc’s dance the Motor bike from It’s Going Down?

Ya know Diddy and Cassie aint official but we all know that his side chick….

Then Diddy invited everybody back to his yacht that he brought to the Cannes Festival….nice

Look who is going to work in the studio….together! It’s up and coming power couple Chris Brown and Rihanna. Supposedly they are working on a track together….I can’t hate though ’cause that Umbrella/Cinderella Remix was pure hotness….

Diddy & Cassie Officially Premier ‘Official Girl’

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Diddy and Cassie look way to comfortable to me….I hope they are keeping it strictly professional cause Cassie is mines. (No lol) Anyways check the video above, I’m starting to feel this song it will have to grow on me.

Dope! Events: Evening In Vogue

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Celebs hit up the Evening in Vogue event in New York and Bad Boy came through in full force.

Cassie, Diddy, and Ryan Leslie all made an appearance

Bad Boy definitely was in the building

and Kanye’s fiancée Alexis Phifer

Dope! New Music: DJ Green Latern Ft Akon, Fabulous, Fat Joe ‘I’m So Fly’ || Ryan Leslie Ft Cassie ‘Addicted’

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DJ Green Latern has teamed up with Akon, Fabulous and Fat Joe for a song called ‘I’m So Fly’ and it is going to be on the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack. April 29th People!!! Damn I can’t wait for this game to come out I am way to excited. Now If this is the type of music thats gonna be in the game then I’m definitely gonna be feeling it. But back to the track, It definitely goes hard.


Ryan Leslie has a new track out with no one other than his main “we’re-not-dating-just-friends” chick Cassie. The track is coo, I think Ryan Leslie album should be pretty good because I be banging ‘Diamond Girl’ all the time.


More Dope! New Music: Cassie ‘Official Girl’ || The Game ‘Nigga Wit Attitude’

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More New Music! Here is Cassie’s first single fro her album The Return. Its called ‘Official Girl’ and I think its aiight but not really first single material. I liked her other song ‘Thirsty’ better but hey Diddy must know what he’s doing right? I included both tracks to let you guys decide for yourself.



Ok The Game is coming strong with this album L.A.X.! Heres a track called ‘Nigga Wit Attitude’ and I’m definitely feeling this one. If Game keeps up like this, I think L.A.X. is gonna be one of his best albums to date.

I was just informed that the track is a blend and not from the album…but its still a hot track from one of his old verses.