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Dope! Pics: Jay-Z & Beyonce || Mary J. Blige || Diddy || Ice Cube

Posted in Dope! Pics with tags , , , , on May 23, 2008 by simplydope

It’s been a while since we seen some candids of your favorite stars so heres a couple…

Here is Jay-Z and Beyonce touching down at the Cannes Festival. Supposedly they are planning on hosting a celebration party of their recent nuptials….

Mary and her husband Kendu where also spotted looking very upscale at the Cannes festival…

And look at Diddy Shutting. It. Down. at the Cannes Festival….Diddy got star power like that? Damn.

Finally here is Ice Cube and his wifey rocking their Laker gear after the Lakers won Game 1 versus the Spurs (89-85)


Dope! Magazine Covers: Stacey Dash, Ice Cube, The Game

Posted in Dope! Magazine Covers with tags , , on April 9, 2008 by simplydope

Stacey Dash and her fine ass is covering the pages of the June issue of King. All I can say is damn this chick is 42 years old and she still could get it! This is what chicks need to working on looking like when they get older, cause Stacey could definitely be wifey.

Ice Cube and The Game ar both on the June issue of XXL. Im glad The Game changed that tattoo it looks better now but not all the way. Im still not a fan of a star but hey thats better than a damn butterfly (i know right WTF was he thinking?)