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Dope! New Music Videos: Lloyd Ft. Ludacris ‘How We Do (Around My Way) || Busta Rhymes ‘Don’t Touch Me (Throw Water On Em’) || Busta Rhymes Ft Linkin Park ‘We Made It’

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

I like this song, but i wonder why they changed it to “around my way” from “in the A”. I like the latter better. I guess they were tryna make it relate able to wherever you are…Wateva. Ludacris‘s verse basically makes the song.The video looks a lil low budget too but then again it is just Lloyd.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s a double Busta Rhymes premiere! First we have ‘Don’t touch me (throw the water on em’)’. This isn’t one of my favorite songs and the video is a little all-over-the-place. But it’s funny though, and you know Busta’s BFF Spliff Star had to make his standard appearance. I am quite convinced that this dude is just on the payroll to follow Busta around.

Lastly here is Busta Bust with Linkin Park for ‘We Made It’ which surprisingly is a decent song. The vocals by Linkin Park flow right on this record and the rock/hip hop beat isn’t to overbearing like let’s say ummmm…..Party Like A Rockstar [lol memories].


Dope! New Music: T.I. ‘No Matter What’ || Busta Rhymes Ft Linkin Park ‘We Made It’

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YES! This is what the rap game has been missing. T.I.‘s flow is ridiculous and now that he’s started writing—- it’s ovea for the wack @ss rappers. The first track, ‘No Matter What’ from the most anticipated album of 2008 Paper Trail.


Busta Rhymes and Linkin Park collaborated on a track called ‘We Made It’. I didn’t know how I was gonna feel about these two together, but the music that they are making is pretty decent.