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Dope! Music Videos: Young Jeezy ‘Vacation’ || Common Ft. Pharrell ‘Announcement’

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

The video for Young Jeezy‘s second single ‘Vacation’ from the highly anticipated album The Recession has just been released. I just finished listening to the album and it’s definitely fire, make sure you cop it on September 2nd.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’m telling you special effect videos are becoming more and more frequent in hip-hop videos now. Common is back with his first single ‘Announcement’ from his upcoming album Invincible Summer. Pharrell is featured on the track and The Neptunes produced the beat. Did you see Dr.Dre‘s headphones connected to the iPod in the beginning? Those will set you back $399.95!


Glowing In The Dark With Kanye, Lupe and N.E.R.D.

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First I have to give major props to my friend Rob for the two tickets to the Glow In The Dark Tour. I am forever grateful, I know lame right…lol. Ok now let’s get it!

Let’s take a minute and look at the seats, Section 3 Row B Seats 10 and 11. Which basically means 2nd row almost dead center. Crazy right! I ain’t never had such good tickets but I digress…(Thanks again Rob!). Now I am one of the biggest Kanye West fans so my opinion may be biased but I’m still gonna keep it real. First up was Lupe Fiasco. Lupe was the intro so alot of the crowd wasn’t hype yet….except me and my brother (who was my guest).

Now before we talk about the pictures, the security people was mad tight on pictures, and since I am damn near front row they checked me bout 6 times. So I basically was sneaking pics when they wasn’t looking. Anyways Lupe’s set was fiya. I was shocked how many songs of his I knew word-for-word. But he performed the regulars Kick Push, Paris Tokyo, Day Dreaming, Superstar. Lupe really focuses on the crowd and he put on a crazy set it was a great intro to a hot concert. One thing though is at the end of Lupe’s set he said: “You ready for N.E.R.D., Kanye, CRS”. Now as soon as I heard CRS I went crazy cause I’m pretty sure they aint performed live yet and Rihanna wasn’t there so i thought this would be the replacement. BUT NO! Lupe played us lol But I’m good now…

They might be blurry but the next act was N.E.R.D. Man they was so hyped and had so much energy and when they performed Spaz, Lupe came out and started dancing with them it was crazy. I was hoping they would perform the Everybody Nose Remix but the original was still hot. When they performed Lap Dance they had a bunch of girls come on stage which was a nice change in view. But um anyways Pharrell was mad coo after his set was over he came back out shook our hands and said thank you to the crowd.


You don’t understand how excited I was when the lights went black and Kanye was bout to come on. The show was absolutely amazing. To follow the story line Kanye crashed his spaceship on another planet and was trying to go home. The scenery, the background the screens were just completely amazing you REALLY got into the story. The very first song was Through The Wire and me and my brother where vibeing with Kanye!!! You don’t understand it felt like we was rapping with him! he was looking right at us (cause we was jumping in the middle of the crowd) and we was rapping word for word with him! It was crazy. But that wasn’t the craziest part. When Champion came on he came right over to me and brother during the part where he says “Who the kids gonna listen to, I guess me if it isn’t you last week I paid a visit to the institute they got the droput keeping kids in the school” he sat there and rapped all that with us we was doing hand motions (me and my brother) then Kanye start doing em! We was flippin’ out he was 4real vibeing with us probably because WE WAS THE MOST HYPE IN THE FIRST 3 ROWS!!!! You don’t understand we knew EVERY SONG WORD 4 WORD. I was screaming them lyrics and I was so into it. I have always thought that Graduation was a classic but listening to it live is like no other, this really was the best concert I have been to in my life (I’m only 19) but so far I think my life has changed 4ever because of this concert.

Oh and Kanye was killing them with his Air Yeezy’s here goes a close up of the beige/orange one’s that he was wearing at the concert, I just saw it over at NiceKicks:

Dope! New Music: Ciara ‘Click Flash’ || Rick Ross Ft Pharreal ‘Get Down’

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And the camera’s go….Check some new material from Ciara entitled ‘Click Flash’. I’m really looking forward to Ciara’s new album. she really has created her own path in the music industry with that Crunk N’ B. She may not be as vocal as say Beyonce but she definitely has hot tracks.


Ricky Ross has got some new material featuring Pharrell titled ‘Get Down’. The track is very different than the usual biggest boss type songs Rick Ross usually makes. But it still is hot and could definitely be a club banger.


Dope! New Music: New Usher Tracks (Here I Stand Preview)

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Usher is coming strong on his new album Here I Stand here are some tracks that may or may not appear on the albulm just to give you a taste of what he’s coming with:







Here I Stand will be in stores May 27th

Dope! Events: The Glow In The Dark Tour

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Here go some pics from The Glow In The Dark Tour. Reviews of the tour have been extremely positive. Check out Kanye, Lupe, Pharrell and Rihanna on the tour.

Kanye‘s set looks crazy!

Lupe‘s scarf game is ridiculous….

Pharrell, I’m definitely feelin’ the Spring line of Billionaire Boys Club

Rihanna doin that Good Girl Gone Bad look.

Dope! Magazine Covers: Raven Symone || N.E.R.D. || Kim Kardashian || Mila Kunis

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Raven Symone is on the new issue of Jet Magazine talking about her new album and looking sexy as hell.

Pharrell and his group N.E.R.D. are on the double cover issue of The Source.

Kim Kardashian covers the Australian Ralph magazine. Damn I’m mad jealous of Regie.

Mila Kunis of ‘That 70’s Show’ and the new upcoming movie ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ covers Complex

Happy Birthday Pharrell

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Pharrell was in  Tokyo at the World Wide Bape heads Show 2008 where he performed with N.E.R.D and with Kanye West and the Teriyaki Boyz

Rihanna was also there to show support

Killin It in that Billionaires Boys Club Robot Hoody!

Two Days before Pharrell celebrated his 35th Birthday

Pharrell with Nigo (Bape creator)

Pharrell’s Cake

Rihanna was also there

And Pharrell got a nice Iced out NERD belt-buckle for his birthday

Looks Like Fun! Happy birthday Pharrell