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Dope! New Music: Mariah Ft Jay-Z ‘Bye Bye (Remix)’ || 2 Pistols Ft Ray J ‘You Know Me’

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Jay-Z hops on the remix to Mariah Carey‘s next single ‘Bye Bye’ produced by Jermaine Dupri. Jay-Z’s verse is hot and JD switched up the beat a lil bit. Overall it is a Dope! remix.


2 Pistols is set to release his debut album Death Before Dishonor June 17th. The second single is slated to be ‘You Know Me’ and it features Mr. Sexy Can I hit maker Ray J.



Rihanna Throws A Birthday Party

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Rihanna threw a birthday party for her best friend Melissa “Big Red” Ford at Star Lounge in New York. Alotta stars came through to show love and Rihanna showed off the extension to her new tattoo.

Ray J Came through

Chris Breezy was there of course

Damn Dawn and Que look like its bout to go down! LOL

and Teyana “Google Me” Taylor was there helpin Rihanna show off her new tattoo. I dont understand why she made it longer but whatever I think she should have kept it like how Chris has his (pictued below) short and behind the ear would have been enough.

Dope! Pics: Beyonce, Ray-J, Jay-Z & Mary J. Blige

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Well ya’ll kno your girl B ain’t dumb! She was spotted in NYC yesterday out and about with black gloves on. Her and jay are being particularly mum about this whole ‘wedding’.

Ray-J was spotted on TRL promoting his ‘All I Feel’ album. I heard the album, its pretty decent theres a couple tracks that Im feeling I might post his album up….well see.

He’ll always be known as Brandy’s lil brother to me sadly

Finally here’s some pics of Hova and MJB on there Atlanta stop of the Hearts of the City tour

They really have good chemistry together. I’m really gonna have to see one of their shows either theres or the ‘Glow in the Dark tour’ but I can only choose one!