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T.I. Responds To Shawty Lo on MTV News

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I was laughing just like T.I. was at the end! Why can’t Shawty Lo see how irrelevant he is compared to T.I.? That reaction was the perfect response to somebody like Shawty Lo. You can really see how this really dosen’t even phase T.I., and that he is only speaking about Shawty Lo because Sway asked……While on the other hand Shawty Lo has made 50-11 videos on his own, seeking attention, and looking desperate. Shawty Lo please sit the F@#$ down somewhere NOBODY CARES!


This Sh*t Ain’t Even Over…

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If you don’t know whats going on click HERE and HERE for updates.

Well it seems like someone has found T.I.‘s high school yearbook photo like Shawty Lo wanted. And it was posted up on as soon as it was found. It supposedly shows that T.I. went to high school in Riverdale not Bankhead.

Here comes the drama….

Shawty Lo jumped on WorldStarHipHop to view the image of course with video camera in hand to show him ridiculing T.I. for lying and of course took time to make fun of the picture [very childish].

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And as if that isn’t enough…

The video ended with some old footage of T.I and Shawty Lo performing on stage together. Showing that T.I. does in fact know Shawty Lo and the photo above was also digged up by WSHH.

I am officially done with this mess T.I. has put up one video to Shawty Lo’s umpteenth. T.I. DOSEN”T CARE! Really Lo? Is this how you trying to remain relevant by starting beefs with veterans in the game? Wateva…

Rap Beef #978,656,546: T.I. & Shawty Lo (UPDATE)

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So Shawty Lo figured to prove that T.I. wasn’t from Bankhead that he should bring a camera down to the heart of Bankhead to show that T.I. has never been and is not from the area.

I’m pretty sure that none of these people have seen T.I. or Shawty Lo [before today]. If I would have been approached I would have said “Nah I ain’t seen T.I. but he still is a better rapper than your whack ass” I mean come on how you gonna even try to go at T.I. after ‘Dey Know’ and I only like the remix anyways!

Speaking of the KING OF THE SOUTH, check out his new Mixtape:

Paper Trail: Facing All Kinds Of Time, But Smile Like I’m Fine (The Prequel)

Track listing:

1. T.I. – You Ain’t Fly
2. T.I. Ft Plies & Big Kuntry – Stop Hidin
3. T.I. Ft Young Jeezy & Lil Wayne – I Guess You Know
4. T.I. Ft Young Jeezy & Big Kuntry – Do U Potna
5. T.I. – Connect Like Dots
6. T.I. – Hunt Em Down
7. T.I. – No Matter What
8. T.I. – Dear Summer
9. T.I. Ft Plies – Rydin
10. T.I. – Shawty Got A Gun
11. T.I. – Swagger
12. T.I. Ft Mac Boney – The Hottest
13. T.I. – The Life
14. T.I. Ft PC – Who Them Boyz
15. T.I. Ft Ciara – Goodbye My Dear
16. T.I. Ft Lil Atl – No Sweat
17. T.I. Ft Young Jeezy – Paper Chasin’
18. T.I. Ft Young Jeezy – Guns Pop Off
19. T.I. – Kings On Set
20. T.I. Ft Rick Ross & Young Jeezy – Stayin At Th

Nothing official just some blends with new beats. Still goes hard though.


Dope! New Music: Nelly ‘Stepped On My J’s’ || Shawty Lo ‘Foolish (Remix)’ || Lil Wayne ‘Me & My Drank’ || N.E.R.D ‘Spazz’

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Nelly‘s second single off of Brass Knuckles is going to be ‘Stepped on my J’s’. It features Jermaine Dupri and Ciara.


Shwaty Lo has released the official remix to ‘Foolish’  the remix features DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Birdman, and Jim Jones.


Lil Weezyana has a new track featuring Short Dawg entitled ‘Me & My Drank’. The Carter III is due out in stores June 10th.


N.E.R.D. has a new track entitled ‘Spazz’ check it below. N.E.R.D. is known for making that different music thats not the norm but it’s still hot.


Rap Beef #978,656,546: T.I. & Shawty Lo

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Here we go, here we go again. Another rap beef just in time for the summer. It seems like T.I. and Shawty Lo aren’t to fond of each other. Recently T.I. was on the radio station 92 Jams discussing a lyric in one of Shawty Lo’s songs and claiming that it was addressed to T.I. Well T.I. had some words for Shawty check the audio from the interview:

Did you hear the analogy of the moon and the dog!—-priceless, true hilarity. Anyways the song they were talking about is Shawty Lo’s ‘Dunn Dunn’.


Recently T.I. release his first single entitled ‘No Matter What’ which is assumed to be taking shots at Shawty Lo in the record:

They couldn’t wait to say goodnight shorty
So they can try to rhyme, act and look like shorty
Go get a beat from toomp, and make a hook like shorty
Before ya know it I’m back what it look like shorty


Well the stage has been set and the war has started. I’m gonna choose sides on this one and go with T.I., I mean he is a veteran in the game [and I like No Matter What way way way better than Dey Know, but that’s just me]